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About Us - Private Tours of Morocco


We offer tours and private and group packages to all travelers, whatever their budget. We make sure that our tours offer the best value for money.

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Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

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Im an insured and fully licensed Official guide approved by the local authorities. And as members of various travel industry associations, Im held up to a high level of standards and practices.

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Private Tours Of Morocco ....

Private Tours Of Morocco (P.T.M)

We are a Moroccan Travel agency with a long experience in arranging tailored-madetours of Morocco and providing several servicesfrom airport to airport.

Our Team Work

Our Guides and Drivers are carefully selected; they have a long Experience travelling around Morocco Regions are constantly changing, regularly presenting new challenges, so flexibility and a sense of humor are essentials to pack. Nearly everything we do in life is to make us happy and feel good, in one way or another. Be it the people we surround ourselves with, the activities we undertake, the food we eat or the holidays and trips we embark on, all should be pleasurable. Travel with your friends. Travel with a group. Travel solo or as a single woman. We've travelled as all three, so we know what's on your mind, your concerns and fears. We focus on safety and quality to ensure that your journey is as exciting as the destination. On our Morocco private tours, we can drive you where you prefer. We will help you to arrange your trip to Morocco and visit the places you desire.


P.T.M selection of accommodation is based on the firsthand experience and we have made sure that each one of the accommodations fulfills P.T.M customers’ needs. You can choose from staying at a Riad inside the old town to a luxury hotel with all the comfort and service you desire. Whether you are here for day trips, short tours, or long tours around Morocco, we will be happy to show you the beauty of our country and drive with you the whole way, introducing you to the Moroccan land and cultures. Offering airport to airport service including ,a car and driver/guide, pre-designed tour plan, all accommodations, meals and the gift of local knowledge. Choose your level of accommodation, from comfortable and basic to luxury all the way. We are happy to serve you. Private Tours of Morocco is owned and operated by a highly respected native Amazigh guide and anAmerican expatriate with years of luxury hotel experience. Together our focus is on high quality experience, personal service and a chance to learn and understand the culture of Morocco. Get in touch with us today to start working on your tailor made plans.